About Cavebug Games

Cavebug Games made its debut at the beginning of 2007 to provide unique quality family gaming. Cavebug is the brainchild of Brad Edwards and Josh Jensen. The company is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We were addicted to our first title, Pathstorm, from the very first prototype. We were playing it more than we were developing it (and believe us, it was very rough back then)! We knew we wanted to share it with the world, and now, you can play it, too!

About the Founders

Brad Edwards began his love affair with programming computer games back in the days of the Apple ][. In 1995, after attending Brigham Young University where he earned his MS degree in computer science, he joined SingleTrac. He spent the next five years working on the PC versions of such games as Warhawk, Twisted Metal, Jet Moto, and Outwars. In 2000, he joined Microsoft where he helped create the Amped snowboarding franchise for the Xbox and Xbox 360. Six years later, he left to pursue his long-time dream of owning his own game company.

Josh Jensen doesn’t feel that old, although he has been shipping games for 17 years. His first project was a small independent game named The Crusade. He went on to spend some years at Epic Games and Engineering Animation publishing a wide range of games. Most recently, he worked on a variety of console titles for Microsoft and Take Two, including the Amped snowboarding series and Links. After years of big budget titles, he decided to return to his roots, cofounding Cavebug Games.

Josh has 4 kids (2 boys and girl-boy twins!) and a beautiful wife, Kacey. In fact, he is extremely fortunate, because Kacey wanted to try her hand at creating games, too! So, she assumed the role of the primary level designer for Pathstorm. Josh's family is his life, and he dedicates all he does for Cavebug Games to them.