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You know where it went in. You know where it came out... but how did it get there? Roll a ball through covered pathways watching and listening carefully for any kind of movement. Did the ball just hit a Bouncer and then a Splitter right there and there? Perfect! That’s one path found, and a whole bunch more to go!

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The full version of Pathstorm is chock full of features:

  • Over 130 standard levels without time limits.
  • 60+ timed challenge levels.
  • Many kinds of playfield objects to give your mind a workout.
    • Bouncers deflect balls 90 degrees.
    • 4-Directional Bouncers can reflect balls back the way they came or even send them straight through!
    • Splitters take one ball and turn it into 3 balls.
    • Shifters shift the ball clockwise or counterclockwise and send it on its way in its original direction.
    • Twirlers deflect the ball either clockwise or counterclockwise.
    • Scramblers are playfield objects that don’t necessarily face the right way. If incorrect, the ball exits at the wrong location.
    • Switchers change direction any time they are hit by the ball.
    • Fast and slow balls add to the challenge.
  • Embark on a Journey through distant lands collecting trophies to bring back to your village.
    • Every time you Reset a Journey, a new set of Journey levels are created. It’s different every time you start over!
    • Massive, colorful map unlocks itself as you proceed.
    • 50 animated Journey story rewards.
  • Rotated levels provide a whole different point of view.
  • 10 playfield themes.
  • Interactive tutorials describe every gameplay feature.
  • Two game types... It’s like playing completely different games!
    • Magic Balls Mode - Solve each puzzle by watching the balls through gaps in the level tiles!  Objects light up when hit in Find the Exits levels.
    • Mystery Balls Mode - Balls are invisible, even for cleared paths, and you're completely on your own in Find the Exits levels.
  • Special power-up buttons available to help you solve the level:
    • Not sure where the ball is in a mess of bounces? The Magic Ball button could be just the ticket you need to find that last Bouncer.
    • The Hint button can be used to show you the location of the next hidden object on the path.
    • Turn the entire level into scramblers with the All Scramblers button.
  • Generate nearly endless levels in the Puzzle menu.
    • Build levels from 5×5 to 30×20.
    • Control how many Bouncers, Splitters, Shifters, Twirlers, Scramblers, and Switchers end up on your level.
    • Throw in randomly placed walls in the middle of the level for extra fun.
    • Tweak every setting that goes into level creation, including those used to create the Journey and Challenge levels.
    • and more...!
  • Create and Edit your own levels.
  • Access all your Favorite levels!
    • Save any level as a Favorite to play later.
    • Compete against yourself, your family, or your friends.
    • Email levels to your friends, complete with the last state you left it in.
    • Share levels with other player profiles on the same computer.
    • Drop any emailed level on your desktop, and double click it to play.
    • Retrieve new Cavebug Games provided levels from our forums.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista
  • DirectX 7 or later
  • Pentium III 700 MHz or better processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 800x600 or higher screen resolution (16-bit or 32-bit color mode)


"Pathstorm is easily the best game I’ve played so far this year, and I’ve played QUITE a number of them." - Got a minute?

"10/10" - May 2007 issue of the #1 Czech video gaming publication, Level.

"It's curious and unique and a lot more fun to play than any description could convey." - 5th Place - 2007 Casual Game of the Year - Game Tunnel.

"... when we see something as quirky, fun, and original as Pathstorm, it gets us all atwitter. Not only is it a solid and beautiful casual game, it’s a puzzle game that is actually puzzling." - Casual Review

"It's like Minesweeper on steroids. Only much, much prettier. And more fun." - Rampant Games

"... Pathstorm takes a unique approach to a conventional mechanic and creates a very intriguing game. The amount of replay value in Pathstorm is staggering..." - Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

"In a world full of match threes and simple blasters it's a refreshing thing to stumble across a casual game that manages to balance being simple enough to get into quickly, but complex enough to pose a challenge on each new level." - Strategy Informer

"Pathstorm also manages to excel in the design elements of the game, by creating an eye-pleasing user interface and graphics, which is accentuated by the visually enticing special effects.  One very attractive and special feature of this game is the use of sound effects to help you solve the puzzles.  The various sound effects provide clues to the number of objects involved in the puzzle, and their particular interaction with the ball." - Sheep Arcade

"This clever puzzle game challenges players to deduce the location of hidden obstacles using logic. And little rolling balls. Addictive like Minesweeper!" - FilePlanet



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Mega Completion Got a long way to go... Hurry!  6 Seconds Left!
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Elimination Marks High Flyin' Bouncy Wings
thumbnail 1 thumbnail 2 thumbnail 3
Yeah!  All done! So close to having it all! Look at all the balls!